Best Home Treadmill For Running: Top 3 Picks and 5 Must-Have Features

Looking for the best home treadmill for running? If you're going to be running on your treadmill, you need a bit more in terms of construction quality, cushioning and belt size than if you're just walking.Running adds extra wear and tear on your treadmill - so you need a machine that is built for it (and won't break down on you after the first month).With that in mind here are 5 must-have features you'll need to look for when [...]

Proform Treadmill Review – 3 Top Buys For 2015

Looking for a good Proform treadmill but not sure where to start? It can be confusing since Proform usually comes out with new models every year.Not to worry though. Here are 3 of the best Proform treadmill values for the 2015 year.Each one will appeal to different buyers and budget but hopefully you can find something that will be perfect for your home gym: #1 The Premium Buy: Proform Pro 9000 TreadmillThe Pro series of treadmills is built to be [...]

Curve the Body With Kettlebells Fitness Equipment

// WidgetsFree weights, like the kettlebells, are becoming more and more popular with both beginners and professionals. Kettlebells can provide a serious cardio workout minus the boredom. According to research, people lose the will to workout mainly because things get boring quickly. If this is your problem, skip the hamster wheel and try kettlebell routines.You can curve the body with kettlebells fitness equipment no matter what stage of the workout process you are in. Kettlebells can be used [...]

What Is an Elliptical Machine and Why You Should Get One

Studies show that the human body is designed for an active lifestyle and that most people suffer from diverse kinds of diseases and ill-health conditions because of sedentary lifestyle. The worst of it all is that the modern lifestyle of the 21st century encourages a sedentary way of living.Most office workers sit in one place and work over the internet for a very long time, most times all through the day. Such sedentary lifestyle kills and usually the dangers [...]