Transformation Weight Loss Drops

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Manufactured in the USA in FDA compliant laboratories | GMP Certified.
20 proven weight-loss / fat-burning ingredients | African Mango Extract for maximum weight loss
Great results | Zero known negative side affects

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Product Description

TransformationTM Diet Drops

TransformationTM Diet Drops are hormone-free, and contain a proprietary blend of 20 proven weight-loss / fat-burning ingredients.

African Mango-Helps limit the damages of starch in the diet, reducing the impact of sugar calories on body fat. It works two fold by reducing digestive absorption

of simple carbohydrates and strengthening the body’s metabolism to limit conversion of sugar to fat.

L-Carnitine-(Fat Burner)-Transfers fat to the mitochondria chambers in your body’s cells to be metabolized into energy and not stored as fat.

L-Ornithine-(Muscle Builder)-Helps build muscle and reduce body fat, especially when combined with the amino acids arginine and carnitine.

L-Arginine-(Healthy Heart)-Amino acid that is needed to help keep the liver, skin, joints, and muscles healthy.

L-Glutamine-(Brain Fuel)-Enhances memory and passes through the protective brain barrier. It is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid. In addition, glutamine works to prevent muscle loss.

Tyrosine-(Stress Reducer)-Helps reduce stress, increase energy, and control appetite. Tyrosine works best when combined with carnitine.

Tryptophan-(Carb Blocker)- Naturally decreases your desire for carbohydrates precursor to serotonin, which alerts the body when you have had your fill of food.

beta-Alanine-(Energy Boost)-Improves strength, endurance and fat loss.

Hoodia-Natural appetite suppressant.

With this new precursor formula, customers are actually reporting even better results!

Manufactured in the USA in FDA compliant laboratories | GMP Certified.
20 proven weight-loss / fat-burning ingredients | African Mango Extract for maximum weight loss
Great results | Zero known negative side affects
Hormone Free. Combines proven and highly sought after weight loss ingredients
Although there is NO one (1) health & wellness solution for everyone, BSkinny Global stands behind all its products. The quality of any supplement begins with the RAW materials and we DO NOT cut costs at this critical step in the process. All RAW materials are transformed into results-driven, quality supplements at state of the art laboratories and are manufactured here in the USA in FDA and GMP certified labs. Most products offered by BSkinny Global are a 30 day supply. Some people experience great results immediately, for others, it may take a little longer. That is why we offer a 60 DAY FULL REFUND, no questions asked. We will even send you the return label. We wish you the greatest success, whatever your goal may be, and we are excited to be a part of a better, healthier you. When you “add to cart” a quality, tested product from BSkinny Global, you can do so with confidence. We love hearing from our customers, so feel free to contact us with questions or just to let us know of the great results you have been experiencing. Wishing you wellness, BSkinny Global.

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